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Professional IT solutions for your business

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Professional IT solutions for your business

We sell and provide services for computer equipment such as:

  • Internet security
    Smart routers can control the use of Internet and optimize your employees' time. They increase the level of security of your network and they allow for inter-site VPN communications. Lastly, they also provide for teleworking in the most secure manner.
  • Wireless solutions
    A second wireless public network is very useful when you have guests. Because it is separated from your network, the security of your data is assured. Certain antennas can also restrict the signal propagation to your immediate needs (inventory or tablet applications)
  • Servers
    Select a server according to required fault tolerance. We can supply the appropriate server in line with your needs.
  • Disaster solution
    Can significantly reduce the recovery time in case of disaster.
  • UPS battery backup unit
    This type of equipment can supply sufficient or nearly full power to all your hardware depending on the models used. It protects from sudden power failures and, in certain cases, can allow you to keep working in case of a prolonged stoppage.
  • Workstations
    You need to establish a station for office automation or industrial design, or an integrated water-resistant computerized workstation? We can provide the equipment suited to your needs.
  • Laptops
    Do you need to take your work with you at all times? Laptops with a docking station will make it easy.
  • Printers
    We sell and support most types of printers (from matrix printers to industrial label printers).
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